There are many reasons most people strive to get their first order on an e-commerce site. People spend months developing their e-commerce store and wish to make sales and earn decent money. But it left them wondering why they are not getting business on e-commerce sites. Getting your first order can bring joy and boost confidence, but not getting an order can be frustrating. If you have failed to get your first order and wonder what went wrong, then chances are you are making some mistakes. Following are the reasons for not getting a sale.


Following are the reasons your e-commerce site is not getting its first order,

Targeting wrong traffic

The most crucial reason your e-commerce is not getting its first order is that you are targeting the wrong audience or driving inaccurate traffic. Right traffic is the traffic that comprises people who are interested in what you sell. If you are selling products or services that don’t interest people, your business will not grow.

So, what is the reason behind wrong traffic?

Your target audience influences traffic, so first, target the right audience, the audience interested in what you offer; the audience coming to your e-commerce site with a decisive mindset. The audience that doesn’t bounce away from your site.

Second, hit the right keywords. Most often, we make this mistake by not hitting the right keywords. Targeting wrong keywords can cost us traffic.

Page optimization

Another reason your e-commerce is not getting its first order could be page optimization. Optimizing your pages increases your chances of getting ranked in search results, resulting in the right traffic to your page.

Because if your page requires optimization, then you will not rank in search results. And if you don’t position in search results, you won’t drive traffic to your page. Hence you will not get any sales.

Having no or not clear Call to Action(CTA) button

The primary purpose of creating an e-commerce site is to sell and earn profits. When you are selling items on your site, you will want your audience to decide and purchase. For that purpose, you add a Call To Action (CTA) button.

One reason your e-commerce site is not getting its first order could be the no Call To Action button or not having a clear Call To Action(CTA) button. These buttons act as a guide for your customers to the next steps in making a purchase.

You can use CTA’s to:

  • Direct users to a product page.
  • Lead them to add a product to their cart.
  • Lead them to check out.

Bad Navigation

Another reason you are not getting any orders on your e-commerce site is because of disorganized navigation. Your navigation bar is a crucial component of your website as the visitors use it to find what they want.

If your site has poor navigation, your visitors will struggle to search for the products or items they want. If they strive, they will bounce back from your site and will not return. It will cause getting demoted in search rankings and ultimately suffering from traffic in the long run.

Having too many tabs on your navigation also makes it difficult for them to figure out where your product is. If your navigation bar has no search bar, you will make it even more difficult for the users to search and look for the product.

Complex Checkout

If you find no issues with the above reasons, another reason could be the checkout process. Most of the companies suffer losses because of the complicated checkout process. It also keeps them wondering what went wrong.

The other reason is the requirement of creating an account. When going to the checkout, many e-commerce sites ask the users to create an account to proceed with the checkout.

Requiring an account to proceed with the checkout is often annoying.

Too many steps in the checkout process also act as a hurdle in making sales. Too many steps in the checkout process will cause a bounce rate.

Poor Marketing Strategy

Poor marketing strategy can be another reason your e-commerce site is not getting traffic and sales. You should have a simple marketing strategy to promote your company.

Using just one channel will only limit your reach and halt your progress. Identify your marketplace and the audience required. Hit audience accordingly.

Your audience uses multiple platforms. Some of them might not have any social media accounts. Some of them might want to learn more about you. So, devise a strategy accordingly to create awareness.


Following are the steps you can take to improve your e-commerce site performance and drive traffic.

Right Audience

The first thing you can do to improve sales on your website is to determine your target audience. You might target the wrong traffic. To determine the right traffic, characterize based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hobbies
  • Interests, etc.
  • Establish these characteristics to target the right audience.

Relevant Keywords

When doing keyword research, focus on the long-tail keywords. Ranking for the short-tail keywords is too difficult, whereas it is easy to rank for long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords hint at the intent of the user. After finding relevant terms, you will integrate them into your site. Use them in your title tag, meta description, and body text.

Also, remember that it will take time for you to rank, even if they are long tail. It requires patience.

Create CTA’s

Integrate CTA buttons on your page to guide users to take a specific action. Make sure the CTA buttons stand out. Make your CTA’s are descriptive.

Clear Marketing Strategy

Use multiple digital marketing channels like:

  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Advertising (SMA)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing

By using these channels properly, you will drive more traffic to your e-commerce site.