There are many apps in Google Play Store that can scan documents and PDFs. Google app is one of them. Apart from the Google app, there are many scanner apps that you can download from Google Play Store. Some of those apps are paid and some are free. Most smartphone users are always on the go, and they expect instant scanning of documents and files in their hands. However, most scanners available to the users are slow or bulky. If you want to use your smartphone for scanning documents and files, you need to install an app on it.  Among them, we have picked the best document scanner apps for you.


Simple Scan- Free PDF Scanner App

Document Scanner

Free PDF Scanner as its name suggests is a really simple and easy-to-use app. The simple scanner, as its name suggests, is a simple and easy-to-use PDF document scanner. With a simple scanner, you can easily scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just about anything. It saves all the scan files to the device in image or PDF format. It also allows you to automatically upload JPG and PDF files to the cloud disk. Create a backup and synchronize files between multiple devices. It also supports adding tags for quick file search. It supports OCR text recognition and export text.


Simple scanner has all the features you need in a document scanner.

  • Generates high-definition JPEG pictures or PDF files.
  • Includes various image processing modes, with image adjustments.
  • Gives you different levels of contrast for clear monochrome text.
  • A complete document scanner application with password protection.
  • Also includes a Barcode scanner to scan barcodes.

Simple scanner is one of the best free document scanner apps you can have on your phone.


CamScanner- Scanner to scan PDF

Document Scanner

CamScanner allows you to scan, store, sync, and collaborate on different contents across multiple devices. It is one of the best document scanner apps that turns your phone into a PDF scanner. With a single tap, convert your images to PDF. This app has over 100M+ downloads so far with good solid positive ratings and reviews.


  • This app uses your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of documents, invoices, receipts, business cards, and even certificates.
  • Print out any document via AirPrint in CamScanner.
  • Edit your documents with a full set of editing tools.
  • Includes customized watermarks to mark your own documents.
  • Tags to search documents from the list of documents in case if you have plenty.
  • A passcode to secure documents.

Premium Features

This app also has a premium subscription and includes features like

  • OCR
  • 10G of cloud storage
  • Book mode scan
  • E-signature
  • ID Mode Scan

CamScanner is one of the PDF scanners you can have on your phone.


Clear Scan- Free Document Scanner App, PDF Scanning

Document Scanner

Clear Scanner converts your phone into a mini scanner device. Scan and convert any documents, images, bills, receipts, books, magazines, class notes, and literally anything within no time with this Clear Scanner. It scans documents in the optimum quality and quickly converts your documents into PDF or JPEG format. This app uses the OCR feature with which text is scannable within the image. It automatically detects the corners of the file to ensure high quality. You can also adjust the brightness and do tweaks for better results. Share these files across different platforms like mail, DropBox, OneDrive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, and many others. This app also allows the user to print the scanned document or image or Cloud Print. You can apply multiple filters after saving the image.


  • Auto edge detection and smart correction
  • Real Fast Processing
  • Ability to edit even after saving the file.
  • Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)
  • Ability to scan specific pages or an entire document.
  • Print PDF file via Cloud Print
  • OCR to extract texts from images.
  • Create a backup file in case of changing device or losing data

Clear Scanner is one of the best document scanner app to download on your cellphone.


PDF Scanner App- Free Document Scanner and Scan PDF

Document scanner

PDF Scanner App is a Free Document Scanner app that lets you scan multiple documents. Open your smartphone and scan documents free in your device within one touch by using the CS scanner to scan PDF which could be a popular app to scan PDF files and PDF documents. Scan your documents anytime, anywhere. Document scanner HD allows you to quickly scan any documents in your office, universities, and anything that must be there. The camera scanner app scans your document, Files, ID, books, and scan pictures in prime quality, and also converts them into PDF or JPEG format by using the Free document scanner app.

Doc scanner app for android detects the corner of the file that you just want to scan for better quality together with you’ll be able to crop a specific part of the document. Use your android device’s camera to photos and digitize every kind of paper documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, certificates, and scan to PDF. Fast scanner app PDF document scan free also includes a long tap on an item at the house page to enable selection mode to form multi-page PDF by using mobile scanner free.


  • Automatic document edge recognition and smart correction.
  • Automatically enhances the scan quality.
  • PDF creator can create PDF in several sizes from A1 to A-6 and like postcards, letters, notes, etc.
  • Extract texts from Image OCR, transfer the image to text so you’ll search, edit or share..
  • Fast scanner manages your files, to arrange your documents better.
  • Using the image to PDF converter you’ll select some images from a picture Gallery and convert them into a PDF file as a document.
  • Free document scanner app for android free download share Docx in PDF or JPEG format together with your contacts.

PDF- Scanner App is the best document scanner app that is fast and saves your time.


Fast Document Scanner- Free Image to PDF converter

Document Scanner

Scanning documents has never been made really easy. With a quick document scanner, you’ll be able to easily scan your documents real quick.

With a Fast document scanner, you’ll now easily scan documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, whiteboards, and other paper text. This document editor also allows you to save lots of the PDF files on your device or open them in other apps. This app also acts as a picture scanner by converting images to pdf files. Fast document scanner is a perfect document converter app for your documents.


  • This app scans any sort of document. You’ll easily scan documents through the camera and you’ll also scan document images from the gallery and our app will allow you to save lots of the scanned documents within the pdf file.
  • All scanned documents are going to be exported as a PDF file through our fast document scanner. You’ll add new pages or delete existing pages within the PDF file as well.
  • This document editor app comes with a picture to pdf converter by acting as a picture scanner and converting images to pdf. So, if you’re trying to find the image to pdf then, you’re at the proper app.
  • This app acts as a document converter because it allows you to scan images and convert them to a document. And you’ll also edit the saved document and add text to the scanned document.
  • This document editor app is optimized to run in no time with no lag or delay.
  • Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs.

Fast Document Scanner created by Corammers is a very user-friendly and best document scanner app.